{mile 26}
{new favorite running accessory: the flipbelt}
i completed the chicago marathon yesterday.
currently can’t feel my legs.
i kept thinking back to my first training run 9 months ago in february in jackson hole.
i could barely run 1 mile and i remember telling myself, “this is probably a bad idea.”
i trained through snow, ice, rain, and forest fire smoke.
not once did my feet touch a treadmill.
to all of you who trained with me, especially julie my training buddy…
to all of my friends who politely reminded me, “how far are you running tomorrow?”…
to jeff for feeding me correctly, taking away that extra glass of vino, and standing there at the finish line…
to all of those who donated on my behalf to the american heart association…
the biggest thank you from the very bottom of my heart!
the love and support from all of my family, friends, and bloggers helped carry my shuffling body across the finish line.
and i didn’t poop my pants!
that alone is an accomplishment in itself.
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