a fresh start.

a fresh start is always a good thing.  the word “resolution” always gets me, like i need to change things in my life.  while there are definitely things to work on (and yeah, probably change!), i try to make a list of things i want to ADD to my life.  things i can control to be a better me.

in 2017, i hope to add a few of these things to my life!

  1. start an investment portfolio – i know, such an adult move.  but hey, i’m not getting any younger and i would looooove to have some mailbox money by the time i go gray.
  2. visit a new country – this has been on my list since i turned 20 and in the last 11 years, i’ve made it happen!  no trips planned as of yet, but my travel bug is strong.
  3. photograph – some of you may call me a photographer but the truth is, i only really dabble.  i want to commit myself to a personal photography project and just go for it, especially with film.
  4. fall in love – with someone new!  may that be a new friend, a new man, or a new pup.
  5. give back – i’d like to make this more of a regular part of my life and not just when i have extra cash handy.
  6. lay off the sauce – while i rarely drink anymore, the occasional glass of red doesn’t really do it for me like it used to.  i’m going to commit to at least a month of sparkling waters only.
  7. blog more – i know you haven’t seen me around these parts as much as you’d like, especially with the increase in instagram, but i promise to make this spot a little more fun.
  8. journal – just like blogging, it is something i need to make time for. when i do, i feel so so good!
  9. say no – learning to say no is one of the hardest things for me to do, especially with friends and family. our time and energy is valuable and its okay to say “my body and mind need to rest”.
  10. make money – is that terrible to say?  well, after starting my own business 3 years ago, and surviving off of oatmeal and pb&j’s, this chick is ready to start paying herself!

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