a night at the museum.


i hope everyone’s summer is off to a fab start!
i’m trying to soak up as much of the summer as i can and trying fun new things.
my life felt like it needed more art in it, so a group of girls and i got together for a private art and wine tour.
us girls had a blast, let me tell ya.
and i didn’t feel embarrassed asking questions like, “can you just show us the really cool stuff?”.
i’m so….what’s the word i’m looking for?…sophisticated.

the national museum of wildlife art is nestled up on a butte just outside of town.
a fun place to escape to with world renowned art and beautiful views overlooking the national elk refuge.
its one of the places i like to brag about.
as of right this minute, they are offering private wine and art tours! (free for members)
their amazing assistant curator, bronwyn, is a wiz with the art facts.
she knows everything about all of their pieces, including all their cool stories. wink face.

so grab a group of friends for lunch or happy hour and head on up.
BYOB (i mean what museum lets you do that?!) or let them pick their favorite vinos from the rising sage.
for more information or to set up a tour, email: bminton@wildlifeart.org

photos by ashley merritt photography. thanks to the national museum of wildlife art for sponsoring this post!