always a bride$maid.

{all photos by the insanely talented Trent Bailey}
everyone told me this would happen.
“just you wait,” they said “all of your friends will get married in the same year.”
and so it began on new years eve in new orleans!
my best friend threw the most fabulous NYE wedding.
she had two requirements for our bridesmaid dresses: long and sparkly.
not sure if you’ve ever shopped for long sparkly gowns but they are a tad pricey.
(especially from a gal who just traveled for 3 months and is in a handful of weddings this year.)
being the smartest/chicest girl i know, the bride suggested we Rent The Runway.
we rented, we danced, we felt like a million bucks.
then we kindly threw those gorgeous gowns in the return envelopes
and tossed them to the hotel concierge to mail off as we stumbled to the airport in the AM.
the color scheme turned out just as the bride had envisioned.
all for around $100, it was the greatest bridesmaid dress idea there ever was.
go on and get yourself a fabulous dress for your next occasion, click here to get started!
– i also rented two dresses for the holidays which were a hit and $75 total.  #score.
– RTR sends you two sizes, just in case.
– i did try on my bridesmaid gown at their showroom in nyc in october, which was really helpful.
– i’m never paying full price for a dress again.
– the end.