argentina week 1.

{roses are in full bloom}
{lunch IN the vineyards, perhaps?} 
{sunny afternoon winery exploration.}
{uco valley.  vineyards and mountains.}
{happy vines.}
{deep dark cellars of clos de chacras winery} 
{you and i have a lot to talk about, mr. malbec.}
{dusty reserves.}

a lot of you have been asking me what the heck i’m doing down here in argentina.

i decided to travel a bit until the holidays.
i wanted to see the world but also expand my mind, hence choosing mendoza for the world class wines.
a friend of a friend (whom i didn’t meet until i showed up at his doorstep) graciously offered me a room to stay with him, his beautiful argentine wife, and their two big black labs. 
they’ve been beyond helpful and really taken me under their wings!
they own a wine touring company together and i’m helping with social media, marketing, and photography.
in return, i’m tagging along on tours, meeting winemakers, winery owners, and tasting a lot of vino.
pretty sure my teeth will be permanently stained purple by the time i leave here.
week 1 highlights:
a winery chef asked me how i’m enjoying the appetizers.  i respond “DELICIOSO!” my friends laugh and in english say, “no, he wants to know how you want your meat cooked.”  
awesome. i just shouted that i want it cooked delicious to his face.
the neighbors upstairs teach opera lessons.  all day.
experienced 104* heat yesterday while tasting red wine.  good thing siesta is from 1 – 5.
i repeat, siesta is from 1 – 5.  every. single. day.
taking my first cab ride home solo and giving directions in spanglish.  the cabbie just laughed and instructed me to sing the american songs on the radio for him all the way home. 
 ^^^^ i’m making so many new friends.