baby ask.

following my last post, i’m aiming to take more photos of beautiful people in 2017.  my first shoot of the year was with maddy, a local jackson hole musician, who happens to have the greatest smile 🙂

i first met maddy about 6 years ago. i distinctly remember her telling me after a dinner party that she wanted to follow her dreams and become a musician.  it was until i saw her perform this past year that i was able to see how talented she truly is.  this girl is a passionate artist through and through.  not only does she sing, she also composes, which i think is one of the raddest things ever!

i have the utmost respect for entrepreneurial women following their passions and wanted to help spread the word about her current kickstarter campaign for her music video, Baby Ask, that you can see below.  a collaborative effort by local artists and filmmakers, this funding will be just the beginning for her musical efforts.  maddy is hoping to take this incredible talent and vision to showcase more musicians and artists in a unique documentary style.

as a newbie in photography, I am learning the ropes of the creative world and realize how important it is to support artists, especially locally.  take a few minutes to watch this campaign and remember even a little goes a long way!

*photos by me!