coffee and cupcakes.

{whitewash + rustic woods just pull at my heart}
{ona camera bag}

there’s something about a cute and cozy spot that makes you feel like taking on the world.
early summer mornings have been the norm for me lately (if you know me….that is an oxymoron)
and i’ve been taking full advantage of exploring town before things get too crowded.
my favorite bakery opened a new store and i finally made my way for a morning cup of joe.
a few hours with tunes, a medium roast, my laptop and i get all inspired-like.
i’m easily amused if you throw sugar in my face.
i’m gonna go ahead and say that macaroons have had the greatest comeback since the jean jacket.
and for bloggers, they spice up any post and/or instagram photo.
stop in Persephone and try their smores cookie….holy heavenly goodness!