hey, thanks!


thanks Jackson Hole for voting me one of your favorite local bloggers!

it’s a bout tiiiiime this was a category in the planet’s annual vote, but seriously, super excited that locals love to read the egg.

blogging was something i took up as a creative outlet and it has opened so many career doors for me.  it’s funny how something so silly can bring so many opportunities. i’ve had the chance to work with big national brands as well as amazing local businesses.  it even allowed me to start The Scout Guide Jackson Hole and reeeeallly focus on the best of our town. i was asked to be a contributor to AOL, like what?!, and have been able to work and meet way cooler bloggers who inspire me on the reg.  it has forced me to pick up my camera and start shooting, which was something i was always intimidated by.  i’m no longer afraid to point a bulky lens at anyone, especially while traveling, and capture the way people live and share special moments.  i’m by no means a true photog, but i’ve unleashed a passion i didn’t even know i had.  i’m still trying to master how to make people laugh while i’m shooting but catching those candid moments truly makes my heart smile. and thank gawd for instagram where i can share some of my favorite travel shots!

so thank you J-holers for reading this sometimes dumb, sometimes corny, sometimes seemingly vain corner of the internet. i swear i’m just as awkward in person as i am in photos.

ramble on!

photo by ashley, hire her, she’s amazing.