high elevation skin care.

_90A9802i’ll be honest, i cringe every time i post photos of myself for the entire internet to see. i’m pretty sure every blogger has this feeling.  but then after a minute or two, i stop and think:  “wonder if there is anything good to eat in the pantry….” and life resumes pretty quickly.

but when a plastic surgeon’s office contacts you about collaborating on a blog post, the first thing that crosses through your mind is, “hmmm. what exactly are they suggesting?”

turns out, Freeman Plastic Surgery recently opened an office in Jackson Hole and offers an array of non-surgical procedures.  when they suggested a microdermabrasion, i was a bit hesitant.  i didn’t really know what to expect. but let me tell ya, after walking out feeling relaxed and refreshed, my skin felt like BUTTAH.

i’ve been lucky in the skin care department. i’ve never really experienced acne but have suffered from dry skin.  once i moved to the high mountains, my dry skin went to a new level.  over the last few years, i’ve learned that flawless skin in this environment needs a few essential things:

1.  an excessive amount of hydration (i try to drink a glass every two hours) 2. everyday sunscreen 3. a thick oil-free moisturizer 4. more hydration 5. and a deep exfoliation every once in awhile.

the microdermabrasion treatment is basically a much deeper cleanse than your regular exfoliation. the diamond tip helps to remove dead skin and jump start the collagen process which is a very natural and fast way to fresh new skin. and with my birthday today (29, whoa!), i’m all about anti-aging!!

Dr. Freeman’s offices (in Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls) are having #FreshSkinIsIn contest where one winner gets not one but THREE microdermabrasion treatments. receive 20% of an exfoliating facial just for entering! head HERE to enter and get your fresh face ready for the winter. your skin will thank you.

Post brought to you by Freeman Plastic Surgery in Jackson Hole and Idaho Falls.  Please support my sponsors who keep The Egg possible.  All opinions are my own.
Photo by Ashley Merritt Photography