Jackson Folk {meet ashley}.

this gal is one of my favorites.

she’s so genuine and sweet and insanely creative.
i love grabbing coffee with her while we pick each others brains.
remember this post?
all from this girl with the cutest southern accent!
get to know ash as she is a joy to work with.
name: ashley pitt merritt
occupation: photographer at ashley meritt photography
hometown: shelby, north carolina.
i still try to get back to the South as much as i can. can’t think of a better place to spend time than here and there.
how long have you been in jackson?
moved here 5 years ago this month!
interesting fact?
hmmm…its always a fun fact that i was a nanny for the Hanson family (MMBop!) and got to travel all around the world with them for a few years. thats actually when i got my first camera and started taking pictures of all of our travels and adventures. guess thats where i got my first start as a photographer.
What brought you here?
my hubby. john had a summer job as a fly fishing guide at 3 Creek, we had just gotten married, and this was going to be our “summer adventure.” ;o)
What made you want to start your photography business?
i studied photojournalism in college and loved learning how to tell people’s stories through photographs. had awesome opportunities in college to pick and choose a lot of the stories i did, and realized in the “real world” of photojournalism, that was a rare luxury. i took a break and worked for a non-profit that developed water sources around the world, and that’s where i really started putting it together that i could still pick and choose what i wanted to photograph. i started my own business so that i could tell the stories i wanted, whether it’s a wedding, a new baby, an engagement, or the stories of people’s lives around the world. i still shoot film, and love the classic, timeless look that film produces. in this digital world with all the filters and post-production tricks, there’s something really authentic and true about film that i love.
Favorite subject to shoot out West?
i love shooting people. i think having coming from a documentary background, some of my favorite photos are ones where people are unaware of the camera, capturing real moments. babies, kiddos, people in love – people are the best! but i also carry my camera with me most places and love just documenting my life and the things i see along the way. my family and friends have just gotten used to being photographed…a lot.
Are you taking new clients?
always excited to photograph new people! what seems to happen a lot is that someone will start out as a client, and then let me in to their lives during a special time, we’ll connect and become friends. it’s an awesome job to make friends with the folks you’re working with. 
***Ashley is offering ALL egg readers something special.  if you book your session with ashley by june 14th, she’ll throw in a complimentary disc of all photos from your session.  (session can be booked for a later date.)
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