Jackson Folk. {meet, blair}

the beautiful blair from Delight By Design was in town last week.
she recently moved from jackson hole to chicago to work on her design career.
we met up for a sunny breakfast at one of her favorite spots in town, shades cafe.
over burritos and coffee we talked about her missing jackson hole, blogs, and running marathons. (eek)
blair just launched her own website which offers interior design for all homeowners, even those on a budget. check it out here.
her blog makes me swoon every time i take a peek.
blair was kind enough to answer a few questions as the newest addition to Jackson Folk.
How did you get into Interior Design out West?
The short answer – being passionate, persistent and impulsive!
What took you to Chicago and any plans to return?
My family and the desire to really give my interior design career a shot. It felt like the “adult thing” to do.  As for moving back, especially after this past trip – yes!! However, I know I still have more I need to accomplish in Chicago before I can really let myself indulge in thoughts of rejoining mountain life. 
Scariest thing about starting your own business?
I would say it was the telling the first person about the idea for my firm, of making high end design accessible to anyone anywhere, and thinking “god I hope they get it!” It is an approach that many other designers frown upon (it can be a pretentious industry) so the potential backlash was a bit scary. However, I believe in what I am doing, as it broke my heart seeing homeowners get turned away from traditional designers just because they didn’t meet a minimum budget or room requirement.
Where to you get your inspirations for Delight by Design?
I read a ton — on everything from fashion, travel to architecture. My office walls and floors are covered in torn out pages, which is where most posts start. And this may be random but I am really inspired by fretwork, which started when I was in Italy and Spain last year—I have over 300 photos of fretwork from the trip, everything from sewer drains to windows.
Favorite place to shop for interiors online?
For splurges, I would say South of the Market and Pieces. For selection, zinc door is amazing, as is Shop Candelabra.  For budget friendly items–I love Shades of Light!
What did you do for your 30th birthday weekend while you were here in Jackson?
It was amazing and exhausting! I just couldn’t let myself waste a second of the trip by resting, as I am sure Meagan realized from my glazed expression when we had breakfast! I spent a ton of time with friends, took some runs up in the park, hiked Snow King, visited the LSR Preserve (one of my favorite places), experimented with the effects of combining Makers Mark and altitude, paddle boarded for the first time, canoed up at Oxbow bend, and laughed more than I have for a very long time.  


What do you miss most about Jackson?

Ummm…everything, even mud season! I have lived there on and off since I was 15– it feels like home and is one of the only places I am truly myself. The people and the beauty of the valley always inspire me.

Absolute must-do in town?
Spending an active day outdoors and then treating yourself to a Bugermiester and Spaten at Steiglers. Pretty much my perfect Jackson day!