jackson folk: meet the new guy.

having a friend who can style my mop is a must on my friend’s list.
because i’m clueless when it comes to hair.
i met rob glassblowing a few years ago and i’ve been getting my hair did at his salon Frost ever since.
rob and his wife patty are one of those couples you want to be friends with forever.
they’ve done such a wonderful job with their salon and are continuing to make it better.
jeff from california joined the team this summer and i had the chance to hang with him for a bit.
lucky for me, my gorgeous friend jessie was in his chair!
new stylist:  jeff kearns
expertise:  cutting
why did you move to jackson?
I wanted to raise my kids in a slower paced environment and share experiences with them that a big city doesn’t have to offer.
how did you pick Frost?
I respect the work that is done in Frost. Both the owners and the fellow stylists share the same passion for doing great hair as I do.
what are you most excited about now that you are a Jackson Hole local?
I’m excited for my first winter and to feel a sense of community between the locals!
if you are looking for a new do, i suggest giving the new guy a call.
head here for more info!