life as of late.


here’s a photo of my little brother which is really random but not at the same time.
i’m pretty sure he think he’s going to find a girlfriend via the egg and whenever i try to take his photo, he gets this smirk on his face that i just don’t feel comfortable sharing with the world as his sister.
so this action shot from last week shall do!
and yes he’s single and awesome and my best bud.  little brothers are the best.
AND he works at twitter.  so he’s super hip and stuff.

but anyways.



i found myself all over the place this april….twice in florida for two totally separate trips.
9 flights in just this last week!
and finally in the wonderfully gorgeous town of charlottesville, virginia for a meeting of the creative minds.
work trips are so inspirationally overwhelming, especially when almost everyone you meet knows someone you know and you realize how teeny tiny this world really is.
that also makes you feel so much better about signing on to start a new business when others ahead of you are just so dang cool.

that being said, i’ve been working my butt off starting a new project and loving it. (more details later…)
i’m doing a million things, learning as i go, and trying to remember to drink water.
but don’t fret, i have some fun and exciting content planned for this spot of the world wide web with summer on the horizon.

also, this counts as my one ramble post for the year.