los andes.

{hotel ayelen.}
{old closed hotel underneath a natural bridge once used by the incas.}
{a nun. tee hee hee.}
{there she is, behind that big fat cloud that wouldn’t move for us.}
a few days ago i took a quick trip to the mountains.
just a few hours outside of mendoza sits one of the seven summits of the world, Aconcagua.
at 22, 837 ft. tall, she’s a beast.
two friends and i went to stay at hotel ayelen so i could shoot some photos and give a quick social media lesson for the owner of the hotel.
the hotel sits at the very base of Aconcagua in a tiny town called, penitentes.
the last place for climbers to acclimate before they start their two week ascent. 
the drive up was absolutely stunning as i’ve never laid eyes on mountains that tall.
(seven years in tibet was filmed there.  helllllo brad pitt.)
i’m scared to say it but i think i’ve just added climbing Aconcagua to my bucket list.