mendoza tidbits.

{purdy old buildings}
{the cars down here are rad. period.}
{a few blocks from home.  i have a thing for doors, see here}
{street pups.}
{olive oil boutique opening!}
recent highlights
argentines really, really, love hot dogs. with anything imaginable as a topping.
and ice cream.  both of which work well for me.
volunteering.  the kiddos are so sweet!
an olive oil boutique opening.  don’t ever eat an olive right off the tree.
mullets/rat tail combos are IN for the boys of argentina. the girls perfer mc-hammer style pants, which actually look pretty comfy…
a bus ride where they only played american 90’s videos for 7 hours straight.  
lisa lobe, celine, sophie b. hawkins.  the gang was all there.
yes, i’ve questioned if argentina is stuck in 1995.
because i’ve seen a lot of rollerblading too…