rocker tees.

{chaser grateful dead tee: similar // shorts: j.crew // belt: c/o jeltbelt // boots: vintage // hat: stetson}

we hit the fair, hard.
every year it still makes my heart happy that little old towns continue this american tradition.
from petting the animals, to the rides that i’m pretty certain are just truck transformers,
to the overly fried and super sugary food, and the games that no one is every able to win…
i just love the teton county fair!

i have been literally scouring the internet for this grateful dead tank for over a year.
obviously, it’s super popular because WHO DOESN’T LOVE THE DANCING JERRY BEARS?
and it’s been sold out everywhere, so i was super pumped when i found some random boutique in the midwest had ONE LEFT!
see you guys, if you chase your dreams…they will come true.
so on that note, sorry, i won’t be able to link this particular tank top up but in good blogger form,
i’ve rounded up currently rad and awesome rocker tanks for your shopping pleasure.


photos by Peter Lobozzo