snowpocalypse 2017.

i think it goes with out saying that this winter has been insane.  we’ve received over 400 inches of snowfall, which when you put into the google, is converted to over 33 feet.  and counting! because, you know, it’s only the beginning of february in jackson hole, wyoming.

lucky for me, there is this rad entrepreneurial company that is local, right here in jackson hole, that invented this awesome shovel!  DMOS Collective created this shovel with everyone in mind and as someone who lives and breathes in the mountains, it’s truly perfect for my every day work-play-work lifestyle.

this green beauty lives in my trunk, along with my other ski gear for days in the backcountry, or if heaven forbid i get stuck in a snow bank (wouldn’t be the first time….), or if i just need to do some plowing around my cabin or office. she’s super light and easy to put together!

DMOS is running a kickstarter campaign that i’m happily promoting, as this is a product i really love and believe in!  or just head to their website and purchase a shovel for this winter madness!!!

photos by Ashley Merritt // thank you to DMOS Collective for sponsoring this post // all opinions are my own