spring florals.


while spring may be popping up all over the country, we are still having spurts of snowfall here and there.
pretty soon those mountains will settle down and the wildflowers will be in full bloom.
until then, i’m bringing florals into my life by way of fabric. it’s better than nothing.
we all need to improvise sometimes.

another way to add some flower power is by signing up for RocksBox, a fun new jewelry company with a really cool concept.
sign up with code eggoutwestxoxo for your first month free of charge.
a stylist will work with you on your favorite styles and trends and viola, a new jewelry box shows up at your door.
you can rock those gems as long as you want and then send them back for new loot.
or you can purchase them for a pretty great price.

jewelry game is strong this season. your RbItGirl (moi) approves this message.

and shop similar florals below!

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photos by ashley merritt