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elk antler auction.

Sometimes I catch myself doing very Wyoming things, and I laugh that this is actually my life. The Jackson Hole Elk Antler Auction is one of those moments that just screams Wild West and I just soak it all up…

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anvil hotel.

I’m a sucker for a boutique hotel, especially one that captures the essence of the old wild west and still provides the comfort and quality that the modern day traveler is looking for. The Anvil Hotel was recently remodeled bleeding…

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Get these Boots!

living in levi’s.

alright people, let’s chat all things denim. in true Western fashion, denim truly is the ultimate in my mountain style and something i can’t live without.  i’m so pumped Western Range Clothing Co. recently opened a local shop to find…

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how i deal with anxiety.

i’ve been dealing with anxiety for as long as i can remember, even as a little kid, before i knew what it was.  it’s how i’m wired, the genes i’ve inherited, and something i’ve devoted my adult life to understanding…

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