that time i made jeff model.

{the haven pullover} 
{the modis trench coat}
{the white bark tee} 
{logo cap}
{this top is so comfy}
{browser cord shorts}
{on me: jacket // tank // pants }
{the crester jacket}
Stio recently asked me to photograph some lifestyle shots of their spring/summer collection.
when i mentioned jeff might be interested in modeling, they signed him right up!
i kind of forgot to mention it to him until last minute…
“remember, tomorrow morning we have a photo shoot so get your beauty rest.”
he was a little shocked to find out i was throwing him in some new clothes
but he loves Stio, so it was a win-win really.
i might be biased but he’s pretty dang cute and fits the mountain man mold pretty well.
naturally, he was able to play the part when i asked him to “show me your best beard angle”!
with the summer solstice tomorrow, Stio is having a huge sale on everything online and in the flagship store in Jackson.
make sure to sign up for a catalogue so jeff and i can grace your mailboxes.