the biggest rookie move.

i have a confession to make.
{deep breaths}
i lost my passport.
i know. i know. i know.
i’m an idiot.
like, biggest rookie travel move, ever.
i hesitated for a few days before deciding to post this but i gotta keep it real over here at the egg.
and since i’m blogging about my adventures, i couldn’t leave this minor detail out.

first of all, i took it out to the bars.
dumb. dumb. dumb.
in new york city.
dumb and dumber….the sequel.
do you know how much a us passport goes for these days?

anyways, my anxiety level the next day was through the roof and i immediately panicked as i thought about my entire trip ending right then and there.
all the money i had saved.  all the plans i had made.  all of the places to see.  people to meet.  WINE TO DRINK!
alas, my girlfriends forced me to take many a deep breaths and i was able to get an appointment at a passport agency in connecticut the next day.
“soooo, you were born in ohio, your old passport is from colorado, you now live in wyoming, your parents are in florida, and you lost your passport in nyc while making your way to argentina……and now you are in connecticut?????” says the agent.
“yep.  oh, and not sure if you noticed but my birthday is tomorrow.  just in case you needed to know {eh hem} my birth date.”
8 hours and $200 later….. i am again a traveller of the world.