the biggest…

especially to this guy.
and the entire jackson hole community.
and all of my friends and family all over.
in the last two weeks, i’ve lost two loved ones.
my colleague, friend, and brother, jarad, in a tragic avalanche.
and then my sweet, sweet, grandfather to the horrific parkinson’s.

the past two weeks have taught me oh, so much about life and love.
i left the heart wrenching week behind me with the inspiration to move forward in a very positive way.
and then i heard the news of the loss of my first grandparent.
while this day has been tough, i’m deciding to take what both men have instilled in my heart.
live life to the fullest and love those around you with all your might.
and that my friends, is just what i’m gonna do.

“you encompass the universe, and the universe encompasses you.
once you love yourself, you love everything around you,
and all that is around you loves and embraces you
for who and what you are.
the only true choice is love.”
– jarad spackman