the egg in the middle east.

ahhh Dubai. where do i begin?
honestly, i have no idea…it is a fantasy world.
i didn’t know what to expect when i arrived except i knew that i shouldn’t make out with anyone in public or i’d be sent to the slammer.

{Dubai Marina. Lynze’s ‘neighborhood’…….OIL MONEY.}
{view from lynze and john’s apartment. they look out onto The Palm}
{ATVing in the desert.  i think i win the record for most times getting stuck in the sand}
{i asked kory to get my finger on the world’s tallest building.  guess the building i’m pointing to is my new favorite building in the dubai sky line?…..nice work kory.}

for easter sunday we went to a palace for an all you can eat and drink brunch.
7 hours of amazing-ness.
rooms and rooms and rooms of every delightful cuisine you could think of.

{i found the pickles.}
{booze: only found in hotels and clubs}

stay tuned…