the egg travels: colombia

IMG_4782i finally have gotten around to editing photos from my trip last month to cartagena, colombia.
problems of owning your own business…
things you really want to do and share just fall by the wayside,
but enough about that, on to this amazing country!

a little backstory:
my older brother recently proposed to his latin lov-ah over new years eve.
roccio is from Colombia and has been living in the States for almost 10 years.
they met at a post graduate school for english in denver.
he was the assistant dean, she was a student. #scandalous
fast forward to his colombian engagement and i find myself hopping on a plane with my mom to meet his fiancé for serious only-sister-duties.
wedding planning!!
insert dancing salsa emoji. actually, insert a few of them

here are a few of my favorite photos…