the winter cling.


{horny toad sweater c/o // banana republic leggings // mukluks: similar}


this has been me all week.
and by all week, i mean i have worn this sweater almost every day.
i tell you this in confidence, internet.

reason being, a huge storm hit early and i haven’t had a chance to unpack my sweater trunk.
but in all honesty, i’ve been nursing a nasty cold for the last few days and when i find cozy, i stick to it.
tea, soup, and peanut m&m’s are helpful but really all i need is plenty of time by the fire in a cozy sweater to feel a whole lot better.

so i’m officially in winter nesting mode.
i’ve already started my holiday shopping which is a very new thing for me this early in the game.
top of my list? …. clients.
sorry family, clients are getting more attention this year.
but i’ve put a lot of thought into making them special!
so, yeah.  fun client gifts.
god, i’m getting old.

i saw this video last night and burst into laughter.
who isn’t in winter nesting mode this week?

thanks to horny toad for sponsoring this post and ashley for her always lovely photos!