top 10 travel checklist.

tomorrow i’m off to nicaragua with my best friend.
ask me if i’ve even looked at a map yet.
i’ve backpacked a few times in my life
and the best way to travel is with no plan at all.
i’ve also learned the necessary items to keep me company along the way.
the theme here people is cheap, cheap, cheap.

above is a look into my personal top 10 backpacking essentials:
1. cheap sunglasses: protect my baby blues but these eyes won’t be watering if they happen to fall into the ocean during a booze cruise.
2. cheap bathing suit tops: i usually pack more as they act as not just swim wear, but my every day support system.
3. panama hat: i found this gem at a vintage store in town. it adds a little style to my trip.
4. the cheapest clothing you can find: worn multiple times throughout the trip and absolutely no concern if they gather a few stains. immediately throw out upon return home.
5. chacos: crocs ugly step sisters.  those multiple straps help my bad back when i’m literally…backpacking. hottest tan lines ever.
6. medications: thank you dad for prescribing me the goods just in case the worst happens. no one likes montezuma’s revenge.
7. a damn good book: i’m not talking your chick flick beach reads but rather something with substance. john steinbeck and his travel stories will fit nicely at the top of my pack.
8. jhorts:  no reasoning needed.
9. cheap small purse: to hold my passport and money.  easy access while shopping.  no need to go digging through my bag when i don’t speak spanish anyways. let’s not make this completely awkward.
10. comfy flip flops: to get rid of the nasty chaco tan lines.

there you have it!
please stay tuned while i’m away as i’ve got some ah-mazing guest bloggers lined up.