traveling with athleta.

Athleta Rock Springs Jacket is the perfect layer for traveling around the worldwhen i say i didn’t take off this Athleta Jacket while traveling, i mean it was pretty much glued to my back the entire time.  Athleta contacted me to partner for their #PowerOfShe campaign right before my trip to Japan and i knew the blogging stars had aligned because i was desperately in need of a new jacket that could keep up with my upcoming explorations.

Travel Blogger wearing Athleta Rock Springs Jacket while visiting a shrine in Japan

here’s a real fun fact about me:  i am always cold.  like, all. the. time.  i’ve traveled enough to know that i need to bring two things everywhere i go on any trip…..a light blanket for planes, trains, and automobiles, and a durable jacket that’s easy to pack.Travel Blogger rocks the Athleta Rock Springs Jacket in Kyoto, Japan. The perfect jacket for traveling the world

the weather in Japan in november was a little tough to pack for, as it was unseasonably warm in Tokyo but much chillier in the other areas of the country we were visiting.  i found that this Rock Springs CYA Jacket was the absolute perfect layer for the entire trip.  hence, i’m wearing it in literally every photo!

Athleta Rock Springs Jacket on Travel Blogger in Koyasan JapanAthleta Rock Springs Jacket on travel blogger taking a photo in the bamboo forests of Kyoto, JapanAthleta Rock Springs Jacket on travel blogger in Kyoto, JapanTravel Blogger at Fushimi Inari Taisha wearing Athleta Rock Springs Jacket in Kyoto Japan

y’all….this jacket is a game changer for travel.  not only is it warm, light weight, and comfy, but it packs so easily!  being able to shove it in my suitcase or even my purse is so huge for me as i really dislike having to carry one extra thing, if i don’t need to.  it’s casual enough to wear with jeans and these Athleta leggings – but i can also pull off wearing it to dinner.  the breathability was probably my favorite feature as i never felt hot while running around to all of the sights and shrines we wanted to pack in on our trip.  the double front zipper helped with managing different body temps, too.  game changer, i tell ya!

thank you Lynze for snapping all of these photos! // this post was sponsored by Athleta and all opinions are my own.