what i drank in argentina.

many of you have been asking what the heck i was doing down in argentina anyways.
besides exploring and sipping vinos, i was helping out these two beautiful people, adam and myfanwy.
they own Mendoza Wine Camp, an incredibly fun and educational wine touring company.
you can choose from 1-day to 7-day vineyard adventures that include meeting wine makers, learning to pair delicious lunches with certain vinos, making your very own argentine blends, and much more.
i tagged along on tours to snap photos and helped a bit with social media.
if you are planning on making a trip to argentina, make sure to contact Mendoza Wine Camp!
follow them on facebook and twitter for updates on all things vino.
argentine wine from left to right
the three wines chosen are all available in the states,
including my personal favorite slash new obsession pulenta estate’s gran cabernet franc. 
to. die. for.