winter weather

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these are the days of extremely cold temps and massive sheets of shear ice.

i currently live in a town most resemblant of an ice rink, as everywhere you walk feels like you might as well have skates on. it honestly might be safer.
i really don’t know if there is anything worse than falling on your arse on the ice in the bitter cold.
add on the pressure of playing it cool, “i’m FINE!”, to all onlookers as you scurry inside for warmth and to assess the damage.
meanwhile, trying to catch your breath after getting the wind knocked out of you.
i’ve learned all of this hard way, trust me.

to prevent injury and most importantly, embarrassment, here some stylish boots with actual soul.
you know, boots with SOLE.

here’s to all of us saving our arses this winter!

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1. sorel’s without all that fur.
2. my everyday pair. the liner is a warm touch.
3. uggs i’d actually spend money on
4. i’ve been eyeing these for over a year now. so cute in person!
5. shortie’s got flair
6. basic tall boots that go with anything.
7. love these!
8. booties that are safe for the snow.
9. sturdy, warm, and adorbs.